The Sealed Living Room Escape New Release: 5/11/10
  • New room escpae game release! I must drunk a lot at the party with my friends yestoday, and I had a big headache since waking up. When preparing to go to work, I realized I was locked in a strange house, with the weird door which has no handle and lockhole. I didn't know how to open it, so I shouted loudly for help,but nobody came. So I had to handle this only by myself.Good luck and enjoy it!

    Small Wooden House Escape
  • My father has a small beautiful Wooden House on the hill,that's his villa. Once a day, my father wanted me to go back the wooden house on the hill to get his favourite millet wine and presbyopic glasses, and water his flowers near the windowsills. Since I hadn't be there for a long time, maybe there had be changed too much for me to recognize. However, I realy wanted to finish the errand all by myself.

    Mystery Dungeon Escape
  • This is a point and click room escape game,You are trapped in the Mystery Dungeon, you must find the objects hidden in the room and use them,combine them,and resolve some puzzles to escape. Now,explore the secret game.Good luck and enjoy it!